Mountain View, California

It was in Mountain View when I first became fascinated with StreetArt and swept the cobwebs from a previous passion for photography.  I taught myself how to develop and print my own black & white images while in high school, transforming the family kitchen into a darkroom after the sun went down.  In college I apprenticed with Eileen Toumanoff who taught me the Zone System formulated by Ansel Adams and Fred Archer. In 1982 I stopped using photography as an expression of the way I experience the world.  I used it only for reference snapshots or Family Photo Fun.  The high quality of images captured by my iPhone has enabled me to add Photography back into my toolbox as an expressive medium.  This time I’m enjoying the added aspect of color.

That first trip to Mountain View also reconnected me with my fascination with geometry and science.  Gazing at the bare structure of Hangar One on Moffett Field altered and enhanced my journey as an artist, a mother and a woman. The date was November 5, 2012.

More to come …

photograph - Mailboxes, Mountain View, CA - November 2014
Mailboxes, Mountain View, CA – November 2014