Chris Carter and Alexis

Chris Carter and Alexis in 1984

photograph of Chris Carter Artist July 2014

Chris Carter – Artist July 2014

April 2015

This site was created in 2012.  The title dates further back to 1984 when my sister-in-law, Bronwen, commented that the photograph of Alexis and me looked like the cover image for a magazine called Bizarre Horizons.  The magazine became a mental reality immediately, though never a published reality.  In 2012 my brother and I decided to publish Bizarre Horizons as an online magazine and began this blog as a testing site.  It never moved past the first post.  A week ago, while searching for a good wordpress theme for a student of mine, I discovered the Bindery theme and decided to breathe new life into Bizarre Horizons. My intention has changed.  Bizarre Horizons will act as my think pad. I hope it will  help organize the diverse ways I express my experience of living through photography, paintings, sketchbooks and written journals.  I have always found the world  and universe in which I live to be a challenging, beautiful, dreadful and bizarre place. As I move forward and backward along my path, the horizon always changes.  I invite you to share my path with me as I explore.  Welcome to Bizarre Horizons.

To view my art: Visit my Website at www.ChrisCarterArt.com

To view my online courses and membership programs for bonus videos and exercises visit Explore With Chris Carter

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