Abstract Street Scene, Vieux Port, Marseille, France 2014

Oh no! Another blog!

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April 13, 2015

Market day rubber boot dogs, L'Isle sur la Sorgue, France 2014

Market day rubber boot dogs, L’Isle sur la Sorgue, France 2014

Bizarre Horizons

My disorganized organization finally got to me, burying me under excessive paper, projects, information gathering and un-processed adventures.  My solution evolved from helping Brook start a blog for her botanical illustrations and research.  I was happy to have eliminated the extraneous blogs of my own (at least four) and have only my website and website blog to keep updated. So much for good intentions.  I have resurrected Bizarre Horizons. The intention has changed.

Originally (1984) it was meant to be a published magazine. In 2012 it was meant to be an online magazine.  Now it is my Think Pad.  It will help me to organize many of the aspects and interests and pursuits of my life by allowing me to create image galleries in multiple ways using the same images.  The wordpress theme, Bindery, combines pages, posts as well as projects … perfect for my scattered thoughts and diverse modes of expression.

Bizarre Horizons is designed to be a working tool for me.  I welcome you to follow my thoughts and my footsteps if you desire.  I’m often asked what I do when I wander the wilderness, cities, and rural communities. Now I can send curious folks to Bizarre Horizons and they can piece together the script of my days.


Pink Painted Curb - StreetArt, Mountain View, CA - Nov 2014

Gallery of StreetArt

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April 13, 2015

Testing out a way to supplement the Projects information by displaying a gallery of images in an easily accessible manner.

Link to Street Art Projects Page

Chris Carter and Alexis

Bizarre Horizons Magazine is alive and well, just a bit dormant

Bizarre Horizons Magazine, Photography

March 19, 2012

I’ve succumbed to the pressure. The imaginary Bizarre Horizons Magazine is now a reality.

First Issue of Bizarre Horizons 2012 … Cover Image Photo, Alexis and Mum 1984

I have a plethora of material and images that have been frothing at the bit to be published in Bizarre Horizons.  Unfortunately, I have switched from PC to Mac and I need to fire up the all-but-dead-PC to retrieve the images.  I’ll start working on it, but your patience is required.  Please feel free to let me know you have material to submit for publication if you feel it is appropriate.  Comment on the post and I will be in touch with you. Brenda Demings’s photos of the ballet dancing in the Produce Section of the supermarket is already in queue for publication. It may take a while to find the files and get them onto my Mac.  This took twenty-seven years to become a reality so a few months won’t really matter.