Weaving the image using sharpened skills and decades of observing nature: plant, animal and mineral.

December 31, 2015 A dozen years ago my mother passed, only hours before the year turned to 2004.  Before crossing over, she had opened the door to my morning visions and breathed new life into my art just as she had given me new life at birth. Adolf Konrad, my lifelong mentor, died two weeks later on January 14, 2004.  For almost a year following their deaths, neither my mother nor Adolf cut the silver threads that connected me toRead more

Focal Point – Sharp vs Blurred edges

One of the areas of concentration for 2015 is focal points and how to clarify the focal points through the use of edges, value contrast and color intensity. The above image was photographed with my ipone, not the Lytro, light-field camera that allows you to click on any part of the image and it refocuses.  The image below was shot with the Lytro.  Click on different parts of the image and watch it refocus.  Imagine that you are sitting along the edgeRead more

Lytro Images

Do I or do I not bring my Lytro camera with me to Paris?   It is fun to play with the photos …. give it a try.  Click on different parts of the image and watch the focus change.  Pretty magical.Read more