Morning Scribbler – Week of April 2-8, 2020

Link to video:

On a few mornings I took the opportunity to scribble multiple times as I continue to test my Ipad and ISKN tablet with different options for recording time lapse videos so that you can watch the sequences of my drawings. I remember when I was young that I wanted desperately to know where an artist began a drawing and how the artist proceeded. I wanted to see not only the finished drawing; I wanted to look through the eyes of the artist and experience the decisions that need to be made. When do I draw the shadow? Do I add the handle later or draw it at the same time I draw the edge of a cup or teapot?

I got a bit carried away when it came to working in Procreate again. I couldn’t stop myself from adding color and then hanging it to show the effect of color choices. The tablet and Ipad are marvelous devices but they don’t come close to delighting me the way that pencil or pen on paper do.


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